Our commitment to eliminating waste begins in our brewhouse and involves techniques and practices we've adopted since Day 1.

  • In brewing up to three and four days per week, we go through a lot of grain.  While we can no longer use these grains for our purposes, the approximately one ton of grains we use monthly can still serve a purpose. Our spent grains are donated to and reused by local ranchers daily, which are then used as feed.  This allows us to promise that every batch continues it's journey before your beer even reaches the tap.
  • Rather than using liquid coolant to chill our wort before fermentation, we use our city water line.  While this isn't the most efficient for our purposes, it provides us the opportunity to use our water twice.  Water used to chill our wort is then held in our hot liquor tank, and re-used for cleaning or brewing.

Our mission and quest for efficiency starts at every brew, but we believe these ideals help our entire organization strive for sustainability.  

Sustainability and Service: Our mission to pursue "great".

Service is what drives our passion for community involvement.  Whether it's sponsoring fundraising events, or donating $1 per pint to some of our favorite organizations, we believe being great goes beyond the beer.  Our dedication to serve our community helps create a better Pikes Peak region, and it's something we're continuously improving on.  Here are a few organizations that we've been lucky to work with!

  • Care & Share
  • Circle Of Hope
  • Colorado Tree Coalition
  • Creek Week Cleanup
  • Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region
  • Peace Officer's Association
  • Special Olympics Colorado
  • UpaDowna
  • And many more!

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